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Life can be challenging when a friend or loved one is incarcerated — challenging for the individual on the inside and for you on the outside. But it’s easier when you face it together.

ConnectNetwork provides the services to do just that. As part of GTL, the corrections industry’s most trusted technology solutions provider, we provide advanced communications services that make it easy to keep incarcerated loved ones connected with the people and resources they need.

GTL’s ConnectNetwork brings together incarcerated individuals with their family and friends – and keeps them together – when it matters most.

ConnectNetwork services include:

Whether you are looking to receive phone calls, schedule a visit, send messages, or deposit funds, setting up your ConnectNetwork account is the first step:


Create an Account

Setting up your ConnectNetwork account is the first step in maintaining a connection with your incarcerated love one.

To start, create your ConnectNetwork account online or with the free ConnectNetwork mobile apps for Android and iOS. Then add your loved one’s facility to see what services are available, and add them as a contact.

Create Account

For more information, check out the step-by-step guides on setting up a ConnectNetwork account and adding a new contact.


Make a Deposit

No matter how you choose to make a deposit, your transactions are secure, reliable, and convenient with ConnectNetwork. The quickest and easiest way to add funds is online or with the free ConnectNetwork mobile app.


Stay Connected

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We’re here to help you during this journey. Being a part of the CN community keeps both you and your loved one connected to helpful resources, latest updates products and features, and easy account management and customer service. We are in this together.

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