Add an Inmate to Your Account

Registered users of, who have confirmed their account , will need to follow the instructions listed below to add an inmate to their account.

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1. Prior to adding funds to an inmate’s account, you must first add your inmate(s) to your ConnectNetwork account. Starting on the main ‘Dashboard’ screen, you will need to select the Add Inmate button located at the top of the ‘My Inmates’ section. Already an user
2. To continue with the process of adding an inmate(s) to your account, you will need to click the ‘Search For Inmate’ button. Proceed to inmate search
3. Prior to searching for an inmate(s), you must select the facility in which the inmate(s) is(are) currently located. Select the facility
4. Once you have selected the correct facility, you will be given three different search options to use to locate your inmate. You will only need one of these categories to find your inmate. The first option allows you to search for your inmate by typing in the correct First and Last name of the inmate. Search by first and last name
5. The second inmate search option allows you to lookup the inmate using the Booking ID of the inmate (if known). Search by booking ID
6. The third search option would be to locate the inmate by using the permanent ID of the inmate. Search for an inmate using permanent ID
7. Once you have located your desired inmate, please be sure to select the ‘ADD’ button to the right of the name to ensure the inmate is added to your account. Add your inmate