AdvancePay® is ConnectNetwork™’s fastest and most convenient phone service connecting friends and family members to inmates.

It’s simple. When you create an AdvancePay account, you’re creating a prepaid collect calling service that allows an inmate to call your phone number using deposited funds.

You can even set up multiple AdvancePay accounts if you have inmates in separate facilities and wish to have calls directed to different phone numbers.

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Send a FREE notification through our website or mobile app to let your loved one know you’d like a phone call*.
Sign in to your account to check availability.
*If the inmate calls you back, applicable rates, taxes and fees apply.

After you set up an AdvancePay account, you can start adding money and receiving phone calls. As long as you have a balance for at least a one-minute call in your account, you can receive a call at any time.

You can also set up an AdvancePay account for international calling, learn more here.

To ensure you don’t miss any calls, you can sign up to be notified via text messages when your balance is low, or sign up for AutoReload to automatically replenish your account.


  • Only your phone number can be called with the funds in your account.
  • You control expenses and call acceptance.
  • Options are available to securely store your credit card number and automatically reload your account when your account balance is low.
  • Helpful alerts by text, email, or automated phone call can remind you to fund your account when your balance is low.
  • It’s easy and quick to make mobile deposits via the ConnectNetwork mobile app.

How It Works

Once you establish an account, which becomes active as soon as you fund it, you can receive calls from an inmate. You always have the option to accept or reject a call and the value of each completed call is immediately deducted from your account.

If an inmate is expected to be released shortly after intake (e.g., within 24 to 48 hours) or you do not have sufficient credit card funds for a minimum deposit, there is a variation of AdvancePay that allows you to pay for just one call.

Refunds are available if the inmate who calls you is released, or you no longer need an AdvancePay account.

What It Costs

Costs are determined by each correctional facility. The amount you choose to deposit into your account can vary depending on how much phone time you’ll want. AdvancePay rates and fees are published in your ConnectNetwork account.

Ways To Pay

While making a deposit online in your ConnectNetwork account or over the phone at (800) 483-8314 is the easiest and fastest way to make a deposit, there are several different payment options available for AdvancePay.

Ready To Get Started?

Step 1: Check AdvancePay service availability at a facility.
Step 2: Sign in or create an account to make a deposit.