Did you know that without an education, inmates who are released are more likely to commit crimes and return to prison? The U.S. Department of Justice reports that nearly 80% of inmates return within five years.

However, educational degrees lower recidivism at an enormous rates:

  • Associate degree holders return at a rate of 13.7%.
  • Bachelor’s degree holders return at a rate of 5.6%.
  • Master’s degree holders return at a rate of nearly 0%.

ConnectNetwork offers your loved ones education within the walls of their facilities. It better prepares them for the rapidly changing world and helps them to achieve future employment.

Our life-changing content allows inmates to receive valuable training and education at facilities offering tablet devices (subject to availability).

We offer over 65,000 pieces of education content, including:

  • Self-help courses
  • GED prep modules
  • 20,000 practice exercises
  • 7,000 instructional videos

In addition to courses focusing on:

  • College Material
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Life Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Employability Skills
  • Substance Abuse
  • Re-entry Support

How It Works

At facilities that offer tablets and Education content, inmates can log in to the device to securely access the offerings and their personalized learning dashboard.

All courses and education materials can be taken at each individual’s own pace, to ensure the greatest success for completion.

What It Costs

Currently ConnectNetwork Education resources are free to inmates. Availability of content is determined by each facility.