ConnectNetwork Communications


One of the most important things to help inmates feel connected to the outside is regular communications with family and friends.

Whether that communication is via phone, in person, or electronically… we know that inmates appreciate connecting with their loved ones as often as possible.

ConnectNetwork offers a full suite of communication services so that you and your loved one can stay in touch, through whatever methods you prefer. Take a look:


AdvancePay Phone
A prepaid phone account that you manage and fund to receive calls from any inmate at any facility we service. Using AdvancePay, the call recipient pays for the phone call. This is the fastest and most convenient way to connect with family members and friends.

PIN Debit
An inmate phone account that you make deposits into, so your inmate can place outbound calls to their contacts (with or without an AdvancePay account). Using PIN Debit, the inmate pays for the phone call.

Inmate Voicemail
Our voicemail service enables you to leave a message for your inmate 24/7.


Our electronic messaging service enables you to communicate with an inmate similar to email. No stamps and letters needed to send these messages!

Photo & Video Attachments
A feature within our Messaging service that enables you to send photos and videos to an inmate. Currently only available in our mobile apps.


Video Visitation
This service that allows you to conduct a real-time video visit with your inmate, using a device from home or at the facility.

Visitation Scheduling
A web-based service enabling you to schedule an in-person or video visit and pay for that visit (if there is a fee).

Visitation Fee
A convenient service to pay for fees associated with registration and background checks at select facilities.

Each facility determines available services. To get started with any of these services, check availability at your inmate’s facility, then set up a ConnectNetwork account.