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Life can be challenging when a friend or loved one is incarcerated — challenging for the individual on the inside and for you on the outside. But it’s easier when you face it together.

As part of GTL, the corrections industry’s most trusted technology solutions provider, ConnectNetwork provides advanced communications services that make it easy to keep incarcerated loved ones connected with the people and resources they need.

At Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) facilities, we bring together incarcerated individuals with their family and friends through affordable phone calls.

AdvancePay is a prepaid phone account that you manage and fund to receive calls from an incarcerated individual. Using AdvancePay, the call recipient pays for the phone call. This is the fastest and most convenient way to connect with family members and friends.


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Setting up your ConnectNetwork account is the first step to receiving phone calls.

To start, create your ConnectNetwork account online or with our free ConnectNetwork mobile apps for Android and iOS. When services become available, add “Florida Department of Corrections” as your facility, and add your preferred phone number to your AdvancePay account.

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For more information, check out the step-by-step guides on setting up a ConnectNetwork account and adding a new contact.


Make a Deposit

When you add funds to an AdvancePay account, you are providing your incarcerated loved one the opportunity to call you.

Funds can be added online or with the free ConnectNetwork mobile app.


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Keep in contact quickly and easily even when your loved one may not be available. Our Inmate voicemail service lets you leave a secure message without having to contact the facility. Find out how here.

We’re here to help you during this journey. Being a part of the ConnectNetwork community keeps both you and your loved one connected to helpful resources, latest updates products and features, and easy account management and customer service. We are in this together.

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Check out our online help section with how-to guides and frequently asked questions. Or feel free to contact us at any time for further assistance: 866-732-9098

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What new features exist for the incarcerated individuals and their families?

As part of this new contract, an Inmate Voicemail System will be enabled, allowing friends and family members to leave incoming voicemail messages for inmates. This feature helps friends and family members stay connected, even when their loved one may not be available. The voicemail feature is PIN-protected and secure. To leave a voicemail for an incarcerated individual, friends and family call the dedicated Inmate Voicemail System site number (which is listed online), follow the prompts, and leave their voicemail. Note: friends and family will be asked for the inmate’s 7-digit PIN to leave them a voicemail.

Friends and family members also now receive an automated one-minute courtesy call with instructions on how to set up their prepaid AdvancePay phone account.

Are there any free communication options?

Yes, GTL offers every incarcerated individual one free phone call of up to 5 minutes per week throughout the term of the contract. The free call is applied to the first call made by the incarcerated individual each week. The incarcerated individual will not hear a free call message, only the called party will hear a message saying the call is provided at no charge before accepting the call. The free call is available for the week in which it is provided. The unused call will not carry over to the following week and no credit will be given.

What changes are there to the per minute call rates?

The new contract has a single rate of $0.135 per minute for all calls within the North American Dialing Plan. Any call outside of the North American Dialing Plan are subject to international per minute calling rates set by those countries. Since more incarcerated individuals are not housed within the same town or city as their loved ones, this new rate will be a benefit for most family and friends.

What changes are there to the call duration?

To promote better access to communication, incarcerated individuals are allowed to have calls up to 30 minutes in length. There is a 30-minute waiting period between each completed call per incarcerated individual.

When will GTL services be available at my loved one’s site?

GTL services are being turned on across Florida in phases. All sites will be live with GTL services by April 6, 2021.

How do I use GTL’s phone services?

To accept calls, family members and friends must have an AdvancePay prepaid phone account with GTL’s ConnectNetwork.

GTL offers several secure and reliable ways to deposit funds to your AdvancePay prepaid phone account. The quickest and most convenient way to create and fund your phone account is online at www.ConnectNetwork.com or through the free ConnectNetwork mobile app for Android and iOS. You can create and fund your account before services are available at your loved one’s site.

To find what payment option works best for you, please visit ConnectNetwork’s Ways to Pay page. Additional tutorials and FAQs on how to create an account and fund your AdvancePay prepaid phone account can be found in ConnectNetwork’s help center.

What other fees exist for this new contract?

There is a small fee per transaction. Fees can be reviewed prior to completing a transaction. This fee works much like any other bank fee and is only charged with a prepaid account. Collect billing is charged at the per-minute rate with no additional connection fees.

Where do I go to report a problem?

Friends & Family Members can visit GTL’s dedicated “Florida Department of Corrections” page and online help section for further information on how to get started and access how-to guides and frequently asked questions. Or reach a live representative 24/7 for further assistance at: 866-732-9098.