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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

ConnectNetwork  is a  one-stop resource for connecting and communicating with your incarcerated loved one at Orange County Jail and is aimed at helping you and your inmate support each other and stay close, even from a distance.

As part of  the  GTL  family, Connect Network offers communication services to you and your loved one.

  1. Create an Account You must have an account to use ConnectNetwork’s communication and payment services. Just follow these simple steps.
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  2. Make a Deposit – An AdvancePay account is a collect-calling account that allows your inmate to call your phone number using pre-deposited funds. Simply make a deposit online or with the free ConnectNetwork mobile app for Android and iOS.
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  3. Stay Connected Having an AdvancePay account allows your incarcerated loved one to easily communicate with you, family members, and friends.
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To start using any of these services,  sign up for your free  ConnectNetwork account today! It’s fast and easy…

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