Video Visitation

Video visitation is a simple way to communicate with loved ones while they’re incarcerated. Using video, either on-site at the correctional facility or at home, you will have more opportunities to connect with inmates at convenient times and preferred locations.

Many facilities offer on-site video visits. These visits are conducted via video visitation stations within the facility, so you are required to be there in person.

Since your visit is scheduled in advance, you simply:

  • show up at your scheduled time,
  • check in with staff
  • and have a seat at your assigned video visitation station.

The visit will begin at the scheduled start time.

At home video visits are offered by select facilities. These visits allow you to communicate with your loved one from the comfort of home. They save you travel time, lines, parking, and hassle. They’re also easier on your children, who can talk to their loved one without visiting the facility in person. The visits can be completed through a simple, easy-to-use website via your PC, laptop, or Android device.


  • Quick, easy, and convenient process to register, schedule, and conduct your visit.
  • Save time and frustration by avoiding unpredictable crowds and overly busy visitation hours.
  • Visits are scheduled online in advance by the visitor so you can pick and choose the date and time that are best for your schedule.

How it Works

Setting up your next video visitation is simple.

  1. Check to see if video visitation (and what type) is offered at your inmate’s facility.
  2. Register yourself by following the steps available on that facility’s website.
  3. Once registered, log in and schedule your visits.
  4. If selecting an at home visit, you will see the cost associated with the visit at the time of scheduling. A temporary hold will be placed on your credit/debit card to reserve the visit and you will be charged after the visit is complete.
  5. For at home video visits, login to the visitation scheduling site 15 minutes prior to your scheduled visit, and follow the steps to start your visit.
  6. For on-site video visits, arrive at the facility at least 15 minutes prior to check-in. A valid photo ID is required. Each facility has its own rules for on-site visits. Please review rules prior to arrival.

What It Costs

Video visitation costs vary by correctional facility. Different types of visits may also have different costs, or no cost at all. All costs associated with visits are clearly displayed at the time of scheduling so the visitors are aware of all options and can choose based on their visitation preferences.

Ways to Pay

Any visits that have a cost associated with them are clearly displayed during the scheduling process. When selecting a visit type with a cost associated with it, the system will prompt you for your credit/debit/gift card information and will place a temporary hold on the card to reserve the funds for your upcoming visit. The card will be charged after the visit has been completed. LEARN MORE