Our Commitment to You: 2020 Year in Review

Our Commitment to You: 2020 Year in Review

Each year has its ups and downs, and this year has certainly presented unique challenges! Through a pandemic and adjusting to a new normal, I am amazed at how people have continued to power through and show true strength of character. Perseverance is power, as you well know.

We have spent the better part of 2020 working to improve the processes by which you connect with your incarcerated loved ones.

We have spent the better part of 2020 working to improve the processes by which you connect with your incarcerated loved ones. We have focused on four areas where we can best contribute to the daily well-being of incarcerated individuals as well as the ones, such as yourself, who support them.

Only by listening and learning from those who use our solutions can GTL enhance the options offered to increase the connection between you and your incarcerated loved ones. And that is exactly what we have strived to do in 2020.

Improving as a Company

We held a series of internal meetings this year, to expand our vision and ensure we live out our mission. These meetings allow us to examine issues and understand the realities faced by our customers. Our recent Reentry and Technology discussion allowed us to learn and gain feedback from subject matter experts and formerly incarcerated individuals on the importance of reentry services and how we can use technology to transform correctional facilities into rehabilitative environments.

We also worked to gain feedback from all our customers and undertake changes that address their suggestions and concerns. A better understanding of our customers allows us to better meet your needs.

Keeping Communication Lines Open During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a challenge faced by all in 2020. As most facilities placed in-person visitation on hold, we responded quickly to ensure that there were still alternative means of communication for you and your loved one(s) at the facilities we serve. As a company focused on communication, we understand its importance and the impact it can have. Being able to check on the health and safety of loved ones, especially during this difficult time, relieves anxiety and improves overall mental health.

Providing Reentry Services for Successful Outcomes

Our website now features a GTL Resources library, which is a collection of information about reentry-focused organizations and the resources they offer to returning citizens. In addition, we have grown and formed new partnerships focused on helping your loved ones navigate the journey home after release. We have partnered with organizations that operate both inside and outside of correctional facilities in order to increase successful outcomes. These organizations include EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute, Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM), Brian Hamilton Foundation, and many more.

Making Communication More Affordable

One of the largest initiatives we undertook in 2020 was the launch of our permanent free weekly communication program, which provides your loved one with a free phone call or other communication option every week. Now, regardless of financial situation, connection is always available. As part of this initiative, we provided over 50 million free calls in 2020.

2021 promises to be an exciting year, with improved services and experiences for you and your incarcerated loved one. At GTL, we continue to look toward the future and work to provide the resources necessary to fuel successful outcomes, which benefits not just returning citizens, but their family, their friends, and all of society.

Take Care and Happy New Year,

GTL President & CEO


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