New Year, New Us, New You

It’s 2020 and we at GTL wanted to wish all our customers a happy new year. As it is with every passing year, it’s an opportunity to reflect, set intentions, and start a new chapter…. 

Our 2020 commitment at GTL is to aim to do the best job we can with meaningful engagement to improve you and your loved one’s lives. We’re continuing to listen and want to provide the best services for our family and friends customers, currently incarcerated individuals, and returning citizens.  

For Family and Friends: 

We’re continuing to make ourselves more available and accessible to answer your questions and provide assistance. We’ll be partnering soon with local family and friends support groups and have also recently launched a new customer service portal to help streamline your ConnectNetwork experience. In the portal, you can access help articles, submit a support ticket, or use the live chat feature to speak with a customer service representative.    

For the Currently Incarcerated: 

To further commit to our mission, we are expanding our services to include new educational and vocational offerings, which will give your loved one more opportunities to prepare for success after release. 

For Returning Citizens: 

We believe support shouldn’t end after incarceration, which is why we’re creating new programs to prepare returning citizens for the day they are released, with resources to help with employment, healthcare, and housing. We will also support returning citizens who have already begun reentry through vocational training, certification training, and general workforce readiness 

As you begin a clean slate in 2020, we encourage you to ask yourself: “How can I create more peace and happiness in the new year?” and “What other new goals should I set?” We at GTL are asking the same questions so that we can improve you and your loved one’s lives. 

From all of us at GTL, have a great 2020 filled with love and kindness. 

Take Care and Happy New Year, 

Deb Alderson, CEO | GTL



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