New Smartphone App Offers Support and Hope for Family and Friends

GTL has partnered with Families of the Incarcerated (FOTi) to create a new smartphone application that will help families and friends connect with each other and find guidance during a difficult period in their lives.

FOTi was created by Kehaulani Walker more than five years ago, and it now encompasses over 36 separate social media support groups with an uncountable number of families and friends across the nation as members. There are 2,500 families as members of the Washington State support group alone, showing how prolific FOTi support has become.

What drew me to GTL was their compassion. They treated me, and our community, with respect.

“Incarceration is traumatic for absolutely everyone touched by it, and as a wife of an incarcerated individual, I know firsthand how few resources are out there to offer support and help to those that need it most,” said Kehaulani Walker, FOTi Founder. “Incarceration does not define who I am or who my husband is, and families and friends need to be reminded of that. They need a community to help them navigate this harrowing journey because support is imperative in making it through to the other side. That is why I created FOTi and have spent the past several years doing everything I can to build a community, to gain trust, and to advocate on behalf of those who feel like they have no voice.”

Through their partnership, Mrs. Walker and GTL will work together to create a smartphone application that will bring all the resources, support, information, and community found within the FOTi social media groups into one central repository. Eventually, the app will offer information on hundreds of facilities across the country, include a forum section for questions and answers, and eventually offer more features that allow users to better connect with others that understand what they are experiencing.

“GTL is thrilled to partner with FOTi to not only build an application whose impact will reverberate across the country but also bring community to the incarceration experience for both incarcerated individuals and their families and friends,” said Matthew Caesar, GTL Executive Vice President, Customer Solutions.

“What drew me to GTL was their compassion,” continued Mrs. Walker. “They treated me, and our community, with respect. They want to give back and help people through the development of this app. I believe in GTL’s mission and vision, and I believe that by working together, FOTi can become an invaluable resource to the millions of families and friends waiting for their loved ones to return home.”


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