GTL Becomes ViaPath Technologies

To better reflect its mission and vision, GTL is now ViaPath Technologies.  

Don’t worry, your daily experience with our products and services won’t change, and you’ll be able to continue creating impactful connections with your incarcerated loved one. However, you will see some logo and design updates over time. 

This rebranding continues down the road of change promised when ViaPath Technologies CEO Deb Alderson joined the company over three years ago. Her personal experience with an incarcerated family member became a deep-seated passion for the experience of families of the incarcerated and providing second chances for returning citizens.  

Ms. Alderson explains more about her vision for ViaPath Technologies and how it impacts you in this video 

As ViaPath Technologies, we will provide critical support and resources not only for incarcerated individuals, but for you, their family and friends. Through phones and tablets, it is possible for you to keep in touch with your loved one, as well as assist them in accessing valuable content to aid in their successful reentry.  

We are committed to keeping your relationships strong, enabling connection, and creating opportunities so that incarceration is only a chapter, not the whole story. 

Moving forward with you hand-in-hand, we believe in a better tomorrow and in the transformation power of technology. Let’s Connect With Purpose. 

For more information on ViaPath Technologies, visit and learn more about our rebrand on our FAQ page. 

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