ALERT! There is only one GTL

Alert! There is only one GTL (Global Tel Link)!

Don’t be fooled by companies trying to look like GTL (Global Tel Link)

Awareness about Non-GTL Affiliates

Be careful when engaging companies that may use a similar name or color style as us and offer unlimited calling for a flat fee (or other discounted services on inmate telephone calls). These companies are not us!

GTL ConnectNetwork…

  • DOES NOT vouch for any of these companies or the services they provide, as we have no affiliation with them, or their services, websites or phone numbers 
  • CANNOT address any problems that may arise from using their services
  • CANNOT provide customer service support on any services provided by these companies or any issues that you may encounter with them.

The only way you can be sure you’re dealing with GTL ConnectNetwork is by…


Some examples of unaffiliated third-parties include:

  • GlobalTel
  • Global-Tel
  • Prison Call Solutions, LLC
  • InmateCall
  • Inmate Call Solutions

GTL / ConnectNetwork Focus

The ONLY way to know you’re dealing with the real GTL ConnectNetwork is by contacting us through the following channels:


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