Walk In Retail

Frequently Asked Questions – Retail Cash Deposits

How do I make a cash deposit at my local retail store?
After setting up the deposit online, payers can either use cash or a debit card* to complete their deposit at a nearby retail store. How it works in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Sign into your account (or create a new account) online at ConnectNetwork.com or with the free ConnectNetwork mobile app.

Step 2: Select the deposit type, then choose “Walk-In RetailTM (pay by cash)” as your Form of Payment.

Step 3: Enter the payment amount you would like to deposit, click “Calculate Fee” then “Continue.”

Step 4: Enter your Email Address and Mobile Phone Number. (Use the store locator to find your closest participating retailer.) Select “Continue” to review your transaction details then click “Submit.”

Step 5: After you receive your Pay Slip* via email or SMS text message, take the Pay Slip and your cash to your closest participating retail store and tell the cashier that you want to make a payment.

*Keep your Pay Slip in case you want to deposit additional money to this account in the near future (which you can do as many times as you want, up to the same amount listed on your Pay Slip).

What retail stores can I make a cash deposit?
ConnectNetwork cash deposits are accepted at over 26,000 retail locations nationwide, including independent neighborhood stores, regional chains, as well as every Kroger and Kmart in the U.S.

Many of these stores are open 24/7/365. We are consistently adding and monitoring the retail store locations to ensure cash payments are easy and accessible to all consumers.

Find your local retailer here.

Can I reuse my Pay Slip?
Yes, you can reuse the same Pay Slip for up to one year.

Do I always have to deposit the same amount as my Pay Slip?
No, you can make as many deposits as you want, up to the same amount that is listed on your Pay Slip.

When can I make a cash deposit at a retail store?
During the retailer’s store hours, which can vary, but many are open 24 hours.
How much does it cost?
There is a small convenience fee per transaction depending on the type of service you choose to add funds to. For more information, please check your ConnectNetwork account.

What kind of deposits can I make with cash at a local retail store?
Cash deposits can be made for all phone accounts (AdvancePay and PIN Debit). Some facilities also accept retail cash deposits for trust. For more information, please check your ConnectNetwork account.

What is a Pay Slip?
The Pay Slip is generated when you complete your request for payment online, which you can then print or receive by either email or SMS text message.
Do I need to reference the Site ID when making a cash payment at a retail store?
No, you can simply bring your Pay Slip to your closest participating retail store and hand it to the cashier, then make your cash payment.

What are the benefits to making a cash payment at a local retail store?
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative for payers who prefer to pay in cash.
  • Lower price point compared to Western Union and other competitive solutions.
  • Offers a convenient way to pay at 26,000+ retail locations, where friends and family live and shop every day.
  • No more long trips to facilities just to fund your loved one.
  • Accepts and posts transaction 24/7/365 (subject to retailer’s hours).
  • Bilingual user interface (WEB and IVR), plus many retailers service English and Spanish speaking consumers.
  • Reusable Pay Slips & Pay Up To amounts, eliminates the need for generating a new Pay Slip for every payment.