Free Weekly Communications at State Correctional Facilities

To our valued customers,

As today’s changing landscape has taught us, communication and connection are more vital than ever. GTL has always been dedicated to the mission of providing intuitive technology and solutions that allow incarcerated individuals and their loved ones to forge meaningful connections and build relationships. The support of loved ones is a key component in helping to boost morale during incarceration and in helping to increase chances of success when returning to society.

We also know that many families face financial difficulties while a loved one is incarcerated, and there is not always extra money for as many calls, messages, and visits as you would like. That’s why we’re launching a program that will permanently allow 100% of GTL’s state correctional facility customers to now have the ability to communicate weekly,* regardless of their financial situation.

We will be providing one five-minute phone call each week to all individuals at these facilities that have GTL phone service, which totals almost half a million individuals. At other state facilities without phones, individuals will receive free messages or other opportunities to connect with their loved ones at no cost.

We want to provide the very best customer service we can, and this means listening to your concerns and helping you during one of the most difficult periods in your life. With free weekly communication options, we hope that your burden is lessened slightly and that you can experience a bigger sense of togetherness with your incarcerated loved one.

Take care,


Deb Alderson, CEO | GTL

*Some customers may implement a different schedule

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