Focusing on the Mental Wellbeing of Incarcerated Individuals

It is not enough to just talk about GTL’s commitment to transforming the incarceration experience into a rehabilitative journey—we must cultivate partnerships and offer resources that actually do so. With a focus on Mental Health Awareness Month, we recognize that incarcerated individuals are often left behind. 

For that reason, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with Dr. Christian Contea mental health specialist in the field of anger and emotional management, to provide unique content on GTL tablets. 

This is about life and how every one of us, incarcerated or not, gets better from this moment forward.

As the creator of “Yield Theory,” Dr. Conte advocates for meeting people where they are without judgment. Connecting with others leads to understanding—understanding the person and the choices they have made but also understanding ourselves.Yield Theoryhas seven main components: Acceptance, Authenticity, Conscious Education, Creativity, Elimination of Shame, Mindfulness, and Non-Attachment. 

“GTL is in a unique position where we have the opportunity to provide technology that can make a genuine impact on someone’s life,” said Deb Alderson, GTL President & CEO. “By partnering with Dr. Conte, we are restating our belief that one decision, one mistake does not define someone. Our tablets and contentallow correctional facilities to transform into more rehabilitative environments, placing incarcerated individuals on the best possible path forward upon their release.” 

Dr. Conte’s program is not new to correctional institutions. As of 2021, individuals incarcerated in Pennsylvania must go through Yield Theory training. As part of this partnership, Dr. Conte’s current programs will be included on GTL’s tablets and custom video content will be added over time, so any individual with access to a GTL tablet can access content to help turn their lives from one of incarceration to one of success and personal fulfillment. 

“This is about life and how every one of us, incarcerated or not, gets better from this moment forward,” concluded Dr. Conte. “That is the reason why I am so grateful and ecstatic about the partnership with GTL—we can get these ideas out to so many more institutions, so the programs and videos I have created can lead to making prison a place of personal growth, setting individuals up for a better life and for success. That is a huge part of why I do what I do and why I am partnering with GTL. I cannot wait to see the amazing results of this partnership.” 

Dr. Conte offers  videos, programs, discussions, and more that anyone can access at any time.   


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