Finding Emotional Stability and Improving Mental Health through Art

At GTL, we are all-in on providing incarcerated individuals with new and innovative ways to improve themselves and their circumstances. We have previously highlighted our partnerships that provide new tablet content that assists in rehabilitation, improving mental health, and providing second chances.

In a new partnership with Hayes Art Therapy, we are now offering an Art Therapy application to customers. Art therapy has shown to be an effective treatment for individuals who have experienced trauma, medical illness, depression, and social difficulties. Particularly useful for incarcerated individuals, art therapy can also help people achieve personal insight and healing.

The Art Therapy application will teach users how to use different art materials, such as collages and drawings, to help regulate their emotions and behaviors. An essential skill for everyone, this will assist in better handling frustration, disappointment, anger, and other feelings that are sometimes overwhelming.

“By understanding and channeling their emotions in a positive way, individuals are able to reduce anxiety as well as enhance their relationships through better communication skills,” said Pelicia Hall, GTL Senior Vice President, Reentry Services.

Over 50% of incarcerated individuals suffer from a mental illness, and a lack of resources means that few receive the treatment that they desperately need. By providing resources such as Art Therapy, Breaking Free from Substance Abuse, the Peace Education Program, and more, we are breaking down the barriers and increasing the chances of successful reentry for individuals upon release.

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ConnectNetwork’s Reentry Spotlight features organizations and resources focused on helping returning citizens and their family and friends. For a list of more organizations and resources, go here.


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