Education for the Win – More Incarcerated Individuals and Returning Citizens Can Access Pell Grants

Too often returning citizens find resources to be far and few between during their journey back into society. Many seek to change their situations through education but do not have the means.

Today, the path back home to you got a little bit easier when Congressional leaders reinstated Pell grants for prison education programs and incarcerated students who take part in them. Congress also repealed a 22-year-old law that restricted federal financial aid for college students who were convicted of a drug crime. Now more individuals, both incarcerated and already released, can access Federal Pell grants, which are available to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need.

Allowing more individuals to partake in educational opportunities will help reduce recidivism, improve post-incarceration employment options, and ensure that families that are reunited are able to stay that way.

“I am extremely pleased that our lawmakers recognized that we could no longer limit the educational opportunities available to incarcerated individuals,” said Deb Alderson, GTL President & CEO. “My support of this bill is based in fact—we have seen firsthand how education positively impacts incarcerated individuals. GTL has long facilitated the use of education in prisons through our tablet program and partnerships with content providers and non-profit organizations, such as EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute, the Brian Hamilton Foundation, and others. We are thrilled that correctional facilities and incarcerated students now have a new means by which to enable education and cultivate knowledge.”

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