Coronavirus Prevention Update

To Family Members and Friends of Incarcerated Loved Ones,

I’d like to take a moment to let you know that we’re thinking of each of you as GTL closely monitors the coronavirus situation. The health and safety of you, your incarcerated loved ones, and your community are extremely important to us.

There are several ways we are working to address concerns at this time:

  • In response to many facilities temporarily suspending onsite visitation to protect your incarcerated loved ones and the community, we are offering assistance in this process to ensure that you are still able to connect with your loved ones.
  • Due to high customer service call volume, we’d like to remind you that as an alternative to waiting on the phone, you can also access additional support via our Customer Service PortalPlease note: you must be signed in to access the portal.
  • We are following and closely monitoring the advice and guidance from the CDC and WHO.
  • We are taking steps to sanitize all products before we ship them out. Although according to the CDC and WHO, risk of infection through shipped goods is very low, we want to take every precaution we can. This will continue indefinitely.

Also, for your reference, the CDC has published a webpage on coronavirus which includes a wealth of information on the virus, prevention measures, and other important information.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated with any additional information we have to share.

Thank you for the support you provide and be safe!

Take Care,


Deb Alderson, CEO | GTL

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