Balancing Emotional Wellness on Valentines Day

Balancing Emotional Wellness this Valentine’s Day

Life can be a little messy, as we all know, but the holidays can often increase our already strong emotions, especially on Valentine’s Day… and even more so if someone you love is incarcerated.

In that spirit, here are some resources to help you obtain support that will hopefully benefit yourself, your children, and your incarcerated loved one:


About Helping Yourself

National Institutes of Health, “Emotional Wellness Toolkit”

Everyday Health, “10 Ways to Boost your Emotional Health through Improving Self-Esteem”

HealthyPlace, “What is Emotional Wellness?”



About Helping your Incarcerated Loved One

The David Lynch Foundation, “Meditation for your Incarcerated Loved One”

P.S. I Love You, “7 Ways to Help your Loved One in Prison”

GTL YouTube, “GTL: Using Education to Change Corrections” (video)



About Helping Children & Teenagers

Sesame Street, “Coping with Incarceration” (resources), “Emotional Wellness”

BBC Radio 1, “What’s it Like Having a Parent in Prison?” (video)

GTL Connect Network, “7 Helpful Programs for Children of Incarcerated Parents”



On Valentine’s Day

University of New Hampshire, “Mental Health on Valentine’s Day”

Illinois State University, “For the Love of Emotional Wellness”, “Coping with Valentine’s Day During a Rough Patch”



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