A Shared Vision: Connecting People to What They Need Most 

“Restorative change” and “engaged communications” are not phrases usually associated with corrections. However, we know that those are two of many factors necessary to break the cycle of recidivism.  

For that reason, Prison Fellowship, a leading voice in criminal justice reform, and GTL, a trusted partner in connecting incarcerated individuals with resources and support, have partnered to provide knowledge and tools to help your incarcerated loved ones turn their lives around.  

Together, we will create new content to aid incarcerated individuals on their journey home. These reentry and educational opportunities will be available for free on GTL tablets within facilities. They will add to what the tablets already offer—content that helps keep incarcerated individuals engaged in reentry-focused activities and provide a safer and more rehabilitative environment. GED prep, business and entrepreneurship education, financial literacy training, religious content, job placement services, parenting resources, and vocational learning just scratch the surface of the information that tablets can convey. 

GTL tablets are provided to facilities, and the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need for technology in the hands of incarcerated individuals. Through technology, individuals have the opportunity for impactful connections with you, their loved ones, and can also expand their horizons and build a foundation for successful reentry upon release.  

We also know that children are often adversely affected by the incarceration of their parents and loved ones. Prison Fellowship offers many resources for children of incarcerated individuals, and we will work together to provide further programs and hope to them as our partnership grows.  

Here are a few of Prison Fellowship’s many resources to help individuals affected by incarceration:  

Visit the Prison Fellowship website to learn more about their mission and additional resources 

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