Reentry Spotlight: Second Chance Month

Everyone deserves a second chance. Every person has dignity and potential. As a family member or friend of an incarceratedor formerly incarceratedindividual, you know this better than anyone. Second chances often go unfulfilled because so many barriers to resources and obstacles are faced by adults with a criminal record. GTL wants to help change that.

April is Second Chance Month, which was started by Prison Fellowship in 2017. We are a proud partner, committed to breaking the cycle of reincarceration and helping your loved ones realize their fulpotential.   

We continue to expand our focus on reentry and second chances not only with new partnerships and new content but with new team members. Nena Staley was recently hired as GTL’s Director of Reentry after previously serving as the Deputy Director – Office of Programs, Reentry and Rehabilitative Services at South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC). 

“Reentry begins at entry—placing the tools needed for successful reentry in the hands of an incarcerated individual is priceless,” said Ms. Staley. “GTL is changing the narrative. By getting involved both inside and outside, they are not just showing justice-involved individuals what is possible, they have opened up opportunities for them and their family and friends. GTL walks the talk, which lets me know I have landed in the right place.” 

Reentry begins at entry—placing the tools needed for successful reentry in the hands of an incarcerated individual is priceless.

Over the past year and a half, we have worked to make a difference in the lives of returning citizens by: 

  • Making Returning Citizens Magazine available for incarcerated individuals to read at no cost on GTL tablets 
  • Partnering with Hayes Art Therapy to offer an Art Therapy app to assist incarcerated individuals in improving their mental and emotional health 
  • Putting a list of Resources on our corporate website to help connect formerly incarcerated people to information they need on housing, employment, life skills, health, legal assistance, and more 
  • Starting a free weekly communication program that offers a baseline of connection between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones 

In recognition of Second Chance Month, we will be adding even more support and resources for returning citizens, in addition to these ongoing partnerships. We are committed to helping returning citizens make the most of their second chance, and you can view our latest Second Chance Month discussions on our Facebook page. 

Reach out to your loved one and extend your support!

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