All Incarcerated Individuals at GTL Customer Facilities Now Have Free Weekly Communication Options 

To our valued customers,

In early August 2020, we announced that all individuals incarcerated at state Department of Corrections (DOC) facilities were provided with free weekly communication options, whether through phone calls or messages. We recognize the importance of communication to boost morale, increase positivity, strengthen relationships, and aid in successful reentry. But we also know that financial difficulties often get in the way of regular contact.

The initial phase of the program affected over half a million incarcerated individuals. However, we wanted all individuals to have the same opportunity. To that end, we have now expanded that program to all GTL customer facilities with communication solutions (phones, messages, or video visitation). Regardless of financial situation, all incarcerated individuals will now be able to connect for free on a weekly basis with offers such as a free phone call of up to five minutes weekly at facilities with GTL phones. At locations with other GTL services, we will provide other free options.

We want to provide those affected by incarceration with the resources and support necessary to achieve success. Through this program, the path to success is a little more straightforward.

Take care,

Deb Alderson, CEO | GTL

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