ConnectNetwork is excited to offer tablets to inmates at select facilities across the country.

These high-tech devices are similar to common handheld tablets but are made exclusively by GTL. Tablets offer specialized content and services for inmates to use during their stay at correctional facilities (where available).

The tablets allow your loved ones access to a suite of educational and entertainment content, as well as helpful tools for communication and general on-site support.

Inmates have the ability to:

  • place telephone calls to you
  • take educational courses
  • stream their favorite music
  • send messages
  • play popular games
  • and much more!

Some tablet content and services are free, such as select reading material, utilities (dictionary, calendar, calculator, etc.), and quick links to common facility tools. Other subscription services are available at an additional cost.

Subscription services that require funding include:

  • Streaming Music
    Inmates can choose from 12 million+ different music tracks in various music categories.
  • E-Books
    For reading buffs, over 70,000+ titles are offered in many different literary genres.
  • Games
    Your loved one can pass the time engaging with puzzles or action, sports, and brain-challenging games.
  • Newsfeed
    Access to breaking news and hot topics from the most popular news sites will keep your inmate informed.
  • TV Audio
    Real-time audio from broadcasted television can keep your inmate entertained for hours.
  • FM Radio
    Access to radio channels from local FM stations to stay connected with the community.

Please note: each facility determines available services and their costs.

How It Works

Each inmate can log in to a tablet device to view their account profile and services available at the facility. Using supplied headphones, inmates may also use the tablet to place phone calls to you from more private and comfortable facility locations, rather than using the traditional wall-mounted phones.

Free services are already available for use on the device. Subscription services are funded separately by family and friends with deposits made into an inmate’s Debit Link account. Inmates will then be able to purchase subscription services and premium content to enjoy.

What It Costs

Tablet devices including some services and content is free; the subscription services require additional funding. There may be multiple options such as 7-day or 30-day subscriptions. Costs are dependent upon the available services and the facility.

Phone calls made from the tablets and Messages sent to/from the tablets are charged at the rates set by the facility. To estimate costs for phone calls, sign into your account and click “Rate & Fees Calculator” at the bottom of the page.

For more information about these services, visit the AdvancePay, PIN Debit, and Messaging pages.

Ways To Pay

Making a deposit online is the easiest and fastest way to deposit Debit Link units into an inmate’s account. Simply create account or sign in to make a deposit.